8th Generation Intel Core Processor “Coffee Lake” Will Make Debut August 21 Upcoming

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Rumors related to the existence of Coffee Lake processor who heralded some time back is apparently going to meet the bright spot as the latest news from Intel which will officially announce the existence of 8th generation Intel Core processor to coincide with will be held Live Facebook webcast on 21 August.

The inauguration itself is reportedly going to be done by Gregory Bryant, who currently serves as senior vice president of the Client Computing Group at Intel, who previously also introduced the existence of the Coffee Lake processor in the early stages of the Computex exhibition. According to a presentation that he did at that time, the latest Coffee Lake processor is claimed to be carrying 30% more performance than current 7th generation Kaby Lake processor.

While the occurrence of some error in a number of benchmarks of Coffee Lake processors made by vendors and so did the original presentation is no exception, does not seem to prevent Intel to present it in the near future. Unpleasant news is likely triggered by a decrease in processor performance metrics from pre-silicon benchmarks, which means that the open margin of error is huge. In addition, Intel also seems to compare 8th generation processors with previous generation models with fewer threads, so most of the improvements are likely not to come from significant IPC / architectural improvements.

However, that’s Coffee Shop promise that will carry more cores and therad than previous Intel processor models that should help Intel dispel AMD Ryzen processors who desire to rise again. Unlike AMD with Ryzennya, it seems Intel will continue to offer integrated graphics with the latest processor model.

Although the Coffee Shop launch schedule is still uncertain so far whether it will be released later this year or early next year, but with the news seems to be starting the initial launch. This is certainly in line with previous speculation that says that Intel will present the Coffee Shop processor early is around the holiday season or even earlier.

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