All Android Smartphones Nokia Ensured to Android P

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The return of Nokia to compete in the smarthone industry is a good news for Nokia fans. Certainly as a licensee of Nokia’s brand, the global HMD does not want to fail in returning Nokia’s big name. That way, companies strategize by providing a good user experience.
One of their efforts in providing a good user experience is with the commitment of providing Android 8.0 Oreo update on their Android smartphone. Even Nokia 3 which became the cheapest variant should get Android 8.0 Oreo at the end of 2017.
But it turns out that the global HMD make the move even further, where they promised Android smartphone will get Android P update when Google releases next Android OS next year. This was delivered HMD global at the launch of Android smartphone Nokia in the Philippines.
It can be assumed if all current Nokia Android smartphones will get the next Android upgrade when Google inaugurates it. Even the entry-level smartphone Nokia 2 which will soon be launched can also be assumed to get Android P upgrade, although the handset is considered less powerful for Android P.

Regardless of whether or not all Nokia Android smartphones will get an upgrade to Android P, we must wait for further news.

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