Amazon Fire TV The Next Generation Is More Like The Echo Dot Hybrid Streaming Tool

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Ahead of the launch of the latest Apple TV 4K, whether intentional or not, has emerged the latest leaks suspected as a model of next-generation Fire TV products that will be presented by Amazon. Remarkably again, it was not just one model but has revealed two models at once.
Comes in a dongle-style form factor, the first model will be equipped with a myriad of powerful and reliable hardware components in its class (at least for streamer media). Thanks to its diusungnya design, it makes it even more similar to the concept owned by Google Chromecast rather than Fire TV Stick, which has become the entry point for the Amazon TV streaming offer.
While the special model that bears the codename “AFTN”, intended to target the existing mid-range segment. In order to support 4K stream content display at 60 fps, AFTN is reportedly also armed with an HDMI port on the back that can be connected to your television set, as well as a microUSB port on the back that is intended for additional storage.
As reported by AFTVnews, the TV set will be powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core processor as a processed kitchenette, which is collaborated with 2GB of RAM in it. And even to accommodate its jit storage solutions, this FireOS based TV set will also come with 8GB of internal storage.
The more interesting of the two devices, however, goes with the codename “AFTA”. Although so far no technical details are available (especially related to core range, clock speed, RAM size), but basically the device can be said to be a “Jack of All Trades” device with a cube-like shape that is rumored to combine the function of Fire TV , Echo Dot and also an infrared transmitter in it. Not only the onboard network port, this device will also have onboard speakers that can be integrated with Echo / Alexa devices so that it can respond to user commands.

Expected to be launched later this year, the two latest mid-range Fire TV devices are likely for $ 100.

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