AMD Radeon Technologies Group Will Be Behind The Temporary King Koduri

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Lightning tub in broad daylight, that’s the perfect parable for spontaneous rumors that are quite horrendous recently related to the temporary resignation of one who played an important role behind the development of AMD’s RTG product. Interestingly, this news itself comes after the launch of the company’s Vega line, which spawned many theories at Reddit and various fan forums so far.
Yes it is King Koduri, AMD’s senior vice president and chief architect of the AMD Radeon Technologies Group (RTG), who is rumored to be just taking a sabbatical that requires leaving his post for a while during the fourth quarter of this year. Effective from the upcoming 25th of September, Koduri is said to be undergoing a cut to spend more time with his family and plans to return to active duty in December.
Though there is nothing out of the way about Koduri’s temporary resignation, there are those who speculate about what happened over the past few days. As we all know, recently the RTG team at AMD has faced little criticism after the launch of Vega, largely due to price, a few inventory stocks, and a less cohesive response from the company that more or less has frustrated the enthusiast community.
While related to the many speculations circulating among the fan community at this time that it considers Koduri’s absence is more due to the delayed AMD response. Instead of giving a little explanation, Koduri finally responded with a series of tweets that explained that he was going to attend a wedding in his home country of India. And even on that occasion, He has also responded to the many questions raised by the public over the past few days.
Then the question now, who will replace his position for a while this? as reported by a number of news sites, related to who replaced Konduri during the cut lasted until the end of the fourth quarter of this year, finally all that was answered already because the person is none other than the CEO of AMD. Lisa Su.

As stated in his temporary resignation letter, Koduri reportedly will soon return again in December. But in particular Koduri’s quote on “a new wave of product excitement” in early 2018, which is touted to be one of the main reasons for him to determine his long holiday time, so it is reasonable if thanks to the quote that many people made a scene and find out what surprises the possibility of being prepared.

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