Apple Beats Studio3 Wireless Headset

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Apple has just launched a new wireless headset for high-end class, the Beats Studio3 Wireless. This new headset is supported by Apple W1 chipset that makes this headset easy to pair with iPhone, iPad, or Mac via Bluetooth connection.

The advantages of this new wireless headset compared to its predecessor lies in the longer battery life, which when wireless and simultaneous noise cancellation feature can last up to 22 hours. Of battery life is 10 hours longer than its predecessor that can last 12 hours only. Even the new wireless headset is also supplied with a special feature called Fuel Fast, which allows users to use this headset for 3 hours after charging for 10 minutes.

The Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation (Pure ANC) feature of the Apple Beats Studio3 Wireless headset enables headsets to use algorithms that will specify certain things about the user’s environment, so that the headset is able to block noisy sounds coming from the area around the user. Even ANC Puree can also overcome leaked sounds caused by things like hair, eyeglasses, ear shape and unexpected movements while using the headset.

The new wireless headset has controls that allow the user to jump to the next song, adjust the volume, to use Siri. Because the headset also has a mic, of course the user can make or receive calls using this wireless headset. But to have this premium wireless headset, you must spend of $ 349.99.

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