Iphone SE 2
Iphone SE 2

Apple Reportedly Working on iPhone SE 2 For First Half Next Year

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Previously there is speculation that if next year Apple will present three iPhone that has a design similar to the iPhone X. But recently there are reports that if the possibility of Apple will release the next generation of iPhone SE for next year. Smartphone is dubbed as iPhone SE 2, which is rumored to be a competitor Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini, rumored to also be coming next year, along with Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.


For iPhone SE 2 itself is expected to carry most of the specifications and features owned by the iPhone 7 is packed in compact size. If the existence of the iPhone SE 2 really exist, it seems that the device must come with screen size like the first iPhone SE, which is 4 inches with Touch ID support. So, there will be Apple A10 chipset and 32GB memory options and 128GB of internal storage. In addition, iPhone SE 2 will also retain the original iPhone SE design and will run iOS 11 directly.


This smartphone will also carry the battery capacity of 1700mAh. Reportedly, iPhone SE 2 will go on sale in the Indian market, before heading to other markets. For the price alone it is estimated at about $ 560. Regardless of whether or not this rumor, we look forward to the next news about iPhone SE 2 in the coming months.

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