Apple Stylus For iPhone, With 6.46 Inches Screen

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Currently, iPhone X is a smartphone with the most widescreen ever made by Apple, but until now the smartphone is not yet available for purchase. Apart from the availability of iPhone X, has now been circulating rumors about iPhone replacement that will slide in the future. According to the latest information, Apple is reportedly working on a new iPhone successor that will bring support for digital pen or stylus.
As reported by Gizmochina, according to Apple sources are said to be considering to release the stylus on the iPhone that will slide in 2019. The source has revealed that the company is talking to several companies manufacturing the stylus to find a suitable match.
This began after Apple filed several patents relating to the stylus in recent years, and speculation that now appears that Apple will launch a stylus for his iPhone. So far, Apple has introduced Apple Pencil that comes with iPad Pro in 2016.
While the S Pen present on the Galaxy Note device is based on electro-magnetic resonance technology that requires Samsung to add additional panels at the bottom of the screen for the stylus to work. Speculation in circulation today says if Apple will adopt a supercapacitor stylus that is not only cheap in terms of production, it will also give users the experience of writing like real.

For now, there is no information whether the stylus will come in one package with the iPhone or a separate accessory. While previous reports have revealed that Apple is preparing the iPhone with a 6.46-inch screen. There is a possibility if the stylus tesebut will be present on the iPhone that has a big screen.

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