Apple Watch Series 3 Released

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Speaking of the number one Wearable device in the world, certainly Apple Watch occupies the top position because according to surver 97% of Apple Watch users are satisfied with the wearable performance. Although Apple Watch’s previous series was so successful in the market, but now Apple has released Apple Watch Series 3 which certainly comes with various improvements.

New features that become the most noticeable difference is the presence of mobile connectivity support on this smartwatch by utilizing eSIM. It will share the phone number with the user’s iPhone, where users can still receive the phone even if they leave the iPhone device at home. Uniquely, the screen on this smartwatch served as an antenna for 4G LTE and 3G.

Apple Watch Series 3 is equipped with new W2 chips that improve WiFi performance up to 85% better with the use of power is much lower. Smartwatch is also capable of streaming Apple Music anywhere at any time. For its own dual-core processor that offers 70% faster performance than previous generations.

But this smartwatch comes in many variants, where not all models have cellular support. For the lowest model without mobile support for $ 329. As for the model with mobile support for $ 399. Pre-order smartwatch will start on September 15 and is available in the market starting 22 September.

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