Apple Watch Series 3 Will Have Integrated Mobile LTE Connectivity

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The latest third-generation Apple Watch’s upcoming dependence on iPhone existence seems to be diminishing with the support of integrated LTE modem that allows it to connect directly to high-speed mobile networks without having to go through the iPhone first. Whereas previously there has also been the addition of GPS function to second generation Apple Watch.
This is certainly a major breakthrough for the existence of Apple Watch since there has not been a single generation of smartwatch from Apple has this support. Even for sending text messages, streaming music, making phone calls and so on, only the current generation of Apple Watch devices can be done by connecting to the iPhone handset via Bluetooth so that it relies heavily on the existence of the iPhone.
Built-in LTE chip support on Apple Watch’s third-generation Apple Watch, Apple will be preparing to bring mobile and non-mobile models with many of the same functions that can be done without relying on the iPhone. Not only will it be good for Apple and its customers, but it also benefits Intel, who reportedly has signed an agreement to supply LTE modems to Apple.
Intel’s name itself is basically not a new party to enter into an agreement with Apple considering many desktop and laptop products made by Apple that have Intel product support. However, Intel seems to also have to recognize the benefits of long-lured Qualcomm become one of the major suppliers of modem for mobile gadget products made by Apple. It was only at the time of Apple’s legal dispute with Qualcomm took place, it may have opened the door for Intel to come on for Qualcomm.

Apple currently has discussed with wireless carriers in the United States and Europe about supporting the new Apple Watch with LTE connectivity. Most of the leading carriers in the United States will support such devices, including AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

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