Apple with LG Try to Make iPhone with Foldable Screen

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Currently we may still see the phones that come with flip or fold design, but now in the smartphone era the majority of smartphone design is rectangular and rigid. But some manufacturers seem to have been thinking about the design of new smartphones, including Samsung rumored to be working on a smartphone with a screen that can be folded.
Note that this foldable screen is a really flexible screen, not a smartphone with two separate folded screens. Of course reasonable when Samsung became the leader in developing smartphones with folded screens, given the South Korean technology giant has a special division to produce the screen.
But Samsung may not be alone in efforts to bring innovative smartphones, because according to Korean Investor reports, Apple is rumored to also be making the iPhone with a screen that can be folded.
The report claims that Apple has started work to create an iPhone prototype that has a folding screen. As for the supply of flexible display panels, Apple does not use Samsung-made panels, but from LG. This is due to Apple’s concern over leaking company plans by their most powerful rivals if it works with Samsung. That way, Apple prefers to work with LG which also has a Display division.
LG Display is reported to have managed to create some work to develop a foldable OLED panel. Although the news is true, but we will not see the iPhone that has the screen can be folded in the near future, because the production panel is rumored to be started in 2020.

Whether true or not the report, but considering Apple is a major competitor Samsung, so Cupertino-based company must create new innovations to compete with rival.

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