AQUOS 8K TV Debut Marks the Presence of 8K Sharp Ecosystem

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His prowess in presenting the latest AQUOS 8K Series which is claimed as the world’s first 8K TV, it has surprised many parties, especially the main competitors. And thanks to his greatness it is not wrong if many people still think Sharp deserves as one of the most potential TV producers today.
As Sharp delivered in a press release, 8K is a revolutionary technology for ultra-high-definition images with 16 times full-HD resolution that can not be expressed with 4K images. And this technology is said to be able to produce the image display at the highest reality, with very fine detail that even the naked eye can not capture it. In addition to featuring TV broadcasts and other media content, this 8K technology will dramatically affect many aspects of life, especially helping those engaged in medical, pharmacy, business, security, advertising, banners, and so on.
Sharp itself is said to have led the TV device industry with the release of 8K related products in Japan. In October 2015 alone, at least Sharp has released an 85-inch 8K monitor using an 8K LCD panel and a sophisticated, wideband digital satellite receiver compatible with ultra-high-definition (UHD) 8K broadcasts in 2016, followed in June 2017 with the launch of the 8K monitor measuring 70 inches.
Not only the contrast ratio and other hard specs, the price tag resminyapun unfortunately has not been revealed by Sharp so far. But when referring from what was launched by Nikkei Asian Review, TV Aquos 8K 70 inch which will soon be marketed Sharp reportedly priced around $ 9,000 (± 120 million dollars) per unit.
So far Sharp seems to be eager to pamper its loyal customers around the world to experience the sensation of its revolutionary technology. And in the near future is reportedly Sharp will soon release its first 8K TV in China in October 2017 and followed for the Japanese market in December 2017. As for the first 8K display itself will only be released in Taiwan in February 2018 and followed Europe in March 2018 to come.

And even to complement its 8K TV, Sharp reportedly also plans to accelerate the development of 8K broadcast receiver, 8K camera, and other 8K products. All this is done Sharp as a first step to lead the world by building an integrated 8K ecosystem which is the main medium-term strategy.

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