Axioo MyBook 14, Qualified Notebook with Intel Celeron N3350 Processor

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Good news coming from Axioo, who returned by launching his newest notebook in line MyBook with 14-inch screen. Powerful specs embedded in the MyBook 14, including the latest generation Intel chipset, the Intel Celeron N3350 processor, as well as two types of storage namely eMMC and HDD.
Axioo Book 1
After the success of launching Axioo MyBook 11 in May, now the local vendor of Indonesia is famous for its computer products are re-released MyBook with a wider screen, which is 14 inches.
In the Axioo MyBook 14 pinned Intel’s latest generation chipset Intel Celeron N3350, which combined with hybrid storage system. What is Intel Celeron N3350 and what is its greatness? Intel’s latest processor is developed with 14nm technology and built with x86 or 32 bit microarchitecture. Thus, CPU performance becomes more qualified. In addition, Intel Celeron N3350 is also equipped with TDP technology (thermal design power) of 6 watts that support the work of Axioo MyBook 14 to be more leverage and power becomes more efficient. The speed of memory offered by Intel Celeron N3350 processor is up to 2,400 mHz with bandwidth up to 50% larger.
Axioo Book 2
Storage on the Axioo MyBook 14 is equipped with a hybrid storage system with two types of memory space, the HDD 500 GB to 2 TB and 32 GB eMMC. With the use of eMMC, MyBook 14 promises 30% faster data transfer than HDD. In addition, the boot process and system performance also become faster, and storage will be better too than just using HDD only.
In addition, a powerful fanless system that uses only the heatsink embedded in the Axioo MyBook 14 is also able to reduce device noise and to reduce heat. There are also features Bluetooth and WiFi and the availability of USB 3.0 which has a speed of 5 GB / sec to make the data ransfer faster.
Axioo MyBook 14 dibanderol for Rp3, 2 million with a choice of white, dark gray and gold. With a series of advantages over most notebooks and the price of Rp3, 2 million, Axioo claims MyBook 14 as the notebook with the fastest connection and largest storage capacity and affordable prices on the market today.

Axioo MyBook 14 is now officially released, available in many computer stores or online at Axioo’s official store.

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