BlackBerry Prepare Full-Screen Smartphone with Water-Resistant Features

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Probably in the past BlackBerry smartphones are famous for the design of QWERTY keyboard, but as the shift of the smartphone era with the BlackBerry brand is currently carrying designs like other Android smartphone or combine touch screen and physical keyboard like BlackBerry KEYone. Global smartphone brands are currently racing to bring smartphones with full-screen design and BlackBerry does not want to miss.
To compete with other flagship, the next BlackBerry smartphone produced by TCL as BlackBerry licensee will come with a full-screen or bezel-less design. Of course this will be different with BlackBerry KEYone which offers a physical QWERTY keyboard. Some details about the latest BlackBerry smartphones have emerged, where the most interesting thing is that the smartphone will have waterproof features.
Smartphone with waterproof features is not a new thing anymore, considering some other major smartphone manufacturers have released waterproof smartphones since long. Another interesting point, that the battery on this latest BlackBerry handset will offer up to 26 hours of use. According to Fran├žois Mahieu as an executive at TCL believe that battery life and longevity will be the main factors that will help sales of this smartphone. But the battery life for 26 hours that the company promised must be seen nantinnya, because the use of each user is different.

Although not yet known a lot of details about the latest smartphone owned by BlackBerry, but the fact that the smartphone will come with waterproof features will be good news, where waterproof smartphones are in demand for now. Not to forget, TCL has confirmed that this phone will be launched in October, so we look forward to the next news in the coming weeks.

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