Camera Front and Back of iPhone 8 Possible Could Record 4K Video 60FPS

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 Apple seems to be very serious about bringing advanced features to the iPhone 8 which became the tenth anniversary of the iPhone’s special edition. Due to a special edition, the iPhone 8 must have the ability to qualify to compete with flagship smartphone from other manufacturers.

Thanks to HomePod, we can find interesting features that will be present on the iPhone 8, where HomePod itself is known to often reveal the potential features of Apple’s upcoming products. They have found a very interesting feature of the code, the iPhone 8 will have the ability to record 4K video resolution of 60fps.
In addition, the code found also revealed if the front camera can record video up to 4K resolution. In fact, the front camera is also capable of recording 4K video with 60fps the same as the rear camera. If that’s true, certainly the iPhone 8 will be a smartphone with the most qualified camera.

It is also reinforced with the characteristics of the Apple A11 chipset built with 10nm process, where the chipset has a very qualified processing quality. Even Apple is also taking steps to support HEVC file types, which can shrink 4K video files to half of the 4K 30fps video the iPhone currently produces. With a higher number of frames will help focus for AR support that is rumored to be coming on the iPhone 8.

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