Dell Latitude 7212 Tough Tablet Latest For All Extreme Jobs

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Seeing the outward appearance of what it is and seeming less attractive may not be something that many people covet. But for certain circles, the existence of such a device that is really needed since it can be more tailored to the needs of the field of work they do.
Yes, this is the latest extreme rugged tablet model, the Latitude 7212 made by Dell that still retains everything you imagine when imagining a rugged heavy, big, and dashing-looking tablet figure of course.
Featuring 11.6-inch display panel 1080p, this Dell Latitude 7212 can be configured with support of 6th or 7th generation Intel processors as a performance booster of system gedor. In addition to offering 8GB or 16GB of RAM, this latest Dell rugged tablet also has a 128GB to 1TB SSD storage option and two separate 34Wh battery support options.
Like its predecessor Latitude 7202, the Dell Latitude 7212 also inherits the durability of the device that in fact is needed for everything extreme from construction work, emergency services such as natural disasters and armed conflict, to the military field. Despite the durability, Dell Latitude 7212 reportedly almost a pound or rather 0.75 pounds (± 0.34 kg) lighter than its predecessor model.
Not only that, this Dell tablet also allows buyers can decide their own choice of platform that will be used. If you want a newer operating system can choose Windows 10 Pro platform, while for the Windows 7 Pro platform is also available if it requires an older operating system.
Along with these upgrades, Dell seems to have improved the tablet’s accessory ecosystem with dock presence and a redesigned power system (power supply), a rugged backlit kickstand and rear backlit RGB, chest harness, active pen, 24-inch and 27-inch monitor and keyboard and wireless mouse.

Dell Latitude 7212 can be ordered now through its official website starting from about $ 1,899 (± 25.3 million dollars).

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