Dell Latitude 7285, 2-in-1 Laptop that Can Contain Wireless Battery

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Dell launched the Latitude 7000 12 7285 which is claimed to be the first 2-in-1 device equipped with a cordless charging feature.
To charge a cordless device battery, you will usually be required to place the device in a compatible charging mat. This concept is also used on Latitude 7285. To charge the battery wirelessly with Latitude 7285, you need to pair the tablet to the keyboard so that the device is in laptop form and put the device above charging mat, report Slash Gear.

Dell uses technology from WiTricity for this device. One thing that distinguishes WiTricity technology from other wireless charging technology is because it uses magnetic resonance technology, which allows the device to charge the battery at a certain distance or through the material.
In addition, as mentioned by ZDNet, the device also does not have to be put in a certain position above charging mat. Thanks to this technology, Latitude 7285 can also be connected with other WiGig dock, as made by Lenovo.
Dell emphasizes the benefits that users can get with this wireless charging feature. They mention, the existence of this wireless charging feature makes Latitude 7285 becomes thinner and lighter without sacrificing the battery.

Related to the internal parts, the Dell Latitude 7285 uses the 7th generation Intel Core i5 paired with LPDDR3 16GB RAM and a 3K screen of 12.3 inches. Dell Latitude 7000 12 (7285) valued $1,200, while Wireless Charging Mat and Charging Keyboard will be sold separately at a price of $550.

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