Dual-Camera Setup Xiaomi Mi A1 Claimed Compatible with iPhone 7 Plus

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It is much different when compared to Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone with Apple iPhone 7 Plus, where the two different smartphone platform has a price tag far adrift. But at the launch of Xiaomi Mi A1 in Indonesia a few days ago, the company compared the results of the Mi A1 camera is able to offset the iPhone 7 Plus.
Xiaomi Mi A1
Of course Xiaomi is not the origin of the claim, because the dual-camera setup that carried Mi A1 exactly the same as the dual-camera setup of iPhone 7 Plus. Both Xiaomi Mi A1 and iPhone 7 Plus both carry a wide and telephoto lens setup, where both lenses have the same resolution as well, which is 12MP
Credit : Xiaomi
According to Donovan Sung, Director of Product Management & Marketing Xiaomi Global, said if the results of the Mi A1 camera shoot is comparable with the iPhone 7 Plus, or in some cases can be better than the shots of iPhone 7 Plus. For example in the portrait feature, some iPhone 7 Plus users are reported to often find jaggy or “boundary” between the main object and the bokeh background. In other words, the images will show a bokeh effect that spilled into the main object.
Credit : Xiaomi
Donovan himself claims if Xiaomi Mi A1 camera results will not be there jaggy, when using the potrait feature. Xiaomi has promised if the effects of bokeh and detail of the main object will look accurate. This is because Xiaomi applying software more qualified to get the perfect picture. Even Xiaomi claims that they are mobilizing a lot of people to work on the software, because according to Xiaomi dual-camera is not only about hardware, but also software plays an important role.

As for the standard shots, Xiaomi Mi A1 camera is also claimed to offset the results of the iPhone 7 Plus camera, provided that the results are compared directly before edited with a filter effect. Then what about your opinion, whether the dual-camera setup Xiaomi Mi A1 comparable to the iPhone 7 Plus.

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