First Smartphone Razer Release on November

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Lately Razer became a byword because the company is reportedly developing a special division for mobile devices, which is also reinforced by the fact that Razer has acquired Nexbit smartphone manufacturer company. Shortly thereafter, Razer confirmed that they are currently developing a smartphone.
No need to wait for long, the company has recently uploaded a new teaser for its new smartphone through its corporate Twitter account. In addition, Razer has also confirmed that it will announce its new smartphone on November 1, where the launch event will be held lively.
As for the teaser uploaded by the company displays a man who looks amazed with something the size of a smartphone that is in genggamannya. Razer himself is optimistic if the launch of his new smartphone will get a lot of attention. Unfortunately, for now not much is known about the first smartphone from Razer.
But given that Razer is known as a company that presents hardware for gaming purposes, of course we can expect if the new smartphone they launch later will focus on the game. If true new smartphone made by Razer intended for gaming purposes, of course the device will certainly come with a strong hardware.

Because not known anything about the new smartphone made by Razer, so we have to wait until November 1 to find out what kind of smartphone made by Razer while waiting for other leaks.

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