First Time Huawei Slide Apple Becomes The Second Biggest Smartphone Producer In The World

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Speaking of the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, definitely big names like Samsung and Apple occupy the top position as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. It has been a long time if Samsung occupies the first position as a major smartphone manufacturer of the world which was followed by Apple in second position. But who would have thought Huawei managed to shift the position of Apple.

According to a monthly report by market research firm Counterpoint Research in June and July it put Huawei into second place as the second largest smartphone maker after Samsung. Although this time the report does not mention the details of the numbers, but the position of Huawei and Apple is only a slight difference in the range of 12%. While Samsung is still perched at the top position with a share of more than 20%.

Because Huawei’s victory is only slightly different from Apple, it seems that the position will not last long considering Apple will soon launch the latest iPhone. This year Apple is rumored to be releasing three new smartphones consisting of iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s, and iPhone 8 as the iPhone’s tenth anniversary special edition.

Although Huawei also set up flagship smartphone Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro which claimed more powerful than the iPhone 8, but still quite difficult for Huawei to compete with the latest iPhone. To smooth its resolve to become the world’s largest smartphone brand, Huawei seems to have to streamline the type of smartphone that is considered too much.

Yes, Huawei’s smartphone does not get into the top 10 smartphones with the best sales according to the Counterpoint Research list. So the large share of Huawei due to the number of types of smartphones owned by them very much.

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