Fujitsu and Lenovo PC Businesses

Fujitsu and Lenovo PC Businesses Have Officially Merged

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Lenovo is currently the world’s leading PC market, with the company currently controlling 21.6% of the PC market in the world according to IDC. Recently Lenovo and Fujitsu merged their PC business. The Japanese company currently has a 4% market share, where the merger will make Lenovo’s share jump to 25.6%.


Actually the news about the merger of two companies’ PC business has started to sound since last year, but at that time Fujitsu did not agree to sign an agreement with Lenovo. In addition, this business merger also involves the Development Bank of Japan.


All three members of the merger will form a joint venture worth 17850000000 Yen (~ $ 156 million). Lenovo will hold 51% of Fujitsu’s PC business while Development Bank of Japan will control 5%. In addition to generating a restructuring of the company, the deal also allows Fujitsu to divert more of their resources into a well-worked IT service.


The announcement also caused Fujitsu shares to fall 2% after initially rising 7.8% last month following news of a deal with Lenovo. In fact, Fujitsu’s original plan was to merge with other failed Japanese PC manufacturers like Toshiba and Vaio but unfortunately, an agreement did not materialize between them.

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