G.Skill Trident Z Series DDR4-4600 Memory For Intel Kaby Lake-X Rig

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Not only limited to PC manufacturers affected by the anticipation of the presence of Intel Kaby Lake-X processor, G.Skill which incidentally as one of the memory manufacturers were reportedly also participate affected by the anticipation of digelontorkannya a model kit DDR4-4600MHx CL19 Trident Z Series its new flagship builds using selected high quality Samsung B-die IC components that will be intended to support Intel Kaby Lake-X Series rigs.
G.Skill itself offers RAM in two different color variations of choice with one featuring a silver body with white accents and one other with black body with black accents. The only way to get the power of DDR4-4600MHz is to use liquid nitrogen for its cooling solution.
Memory timing CL19-23-23-43 claimed at 1.5V intake. the latest Trident Z Series DDR4-4600MHz memory kit consists of a pair of 8GB modules for a total of 16GB of memory. A memory screenshot that runs a stress test on the ASRock X299 OC Formula motherboard test system with support for Kaby Lake-X Core i7-7740X processor indicates that the operation can run stable.

Comes with Intel XMP 2.0 support, the latest G.Skill memory is reportedly to be launched in late September. Although not yet officially announced, but the price offered is not too expensive.

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