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Are you a game lover? Surely if the game lovers, you must have a gaming computer with a god spek. But sometimes the price is so expensive we become pessimistic to have it.
But if you are interested in buying a gaming computer, then we have a reference to you about a variety of computers that are devoted to gaming of various brands.
Here are some kinds of special computer list for the best games you can choose:
Maingear F131 X99

Maingear F131 X99 Super Stock
This one has excellent gaming skills. Performance was no doubt considering he has the latest innards. The screen also carries a 4K resolution that can be used to run virtual reality games. Surely this is a very fun experience when used by pro gamers.
Asus ROG CG 8890

ASUS ROG becomes the best selling brand in the world. One type that has a very high specification is this type. By having intel core i7 that can run at 3.8 GHz speed and has a very sophisticated system of course make gaming feel smoothly without any lag or tearing.
Origin Milennium

Origin Millennium
Perhaps many people are still familiar with this one brand computer. But the millennium origin is already in demand overseas market even though the price is very expensive. Graphics card owned is Nvidia Geforce GTX 980. In addition, it has a new processor that has 8 cores. Moreover still can overclock. So practically, this computer is the PC one of the world’s best PCs.
Alienware Area-51

Alienware Area-51
Judging from its name is scary is not it? Yes, 51 is a secret area that is said to be the center of research on various aliens. One of the advantages of this 2015 game computer output is a very unique design. With a blend of calm and luxurious colors make it very liked by the crowd, especially the true gamers.
Moreover, this computer can be easily upgraded, improved features, and also has a sophisticated cooling system. Would you like to try it?

That’s some kind of gaming computer that you can buy and enjoy its incredible power.

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