Gaming Laptop, Alienware Prepare Cheap In 2018

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So far, Alienware is more synonymous with premium PC products for gaming. Alienware products, including for laptops, are generally marketed at high prices, above USD 1000 for the cheapest variant. However, Dell, the parent of Alienware, said it is considering to slightly change the position of the famous brand products for the upcoming 2018.
Prepare Cheap Gaming Laptops?
Dell is said to want Alienware gaming laptops available for under $ 1000 class. They will offer gaming laptops with specifications that are still appropriate to run current games, but with performance under what they offer today. The so-called laptop will be marketed at a price of about $ 899.
This step seems to be taken Dell to Alienware can be more competitive in the gaming laptop market. Indeed, some Alienware competitors have first offered gaming laptops in that price range, with mid-class specifications still very viable for today’s games. If Alienware can offer laptops for that price class, they can be more competitive with their competitors.
Replace the Inspiron Gaming Position?

If Dell wants to offer Alienware gaming laptops for a price below $ 1000, it could be this laptop will replace the position of one of Dell’s own products in the market. Dell currently offers Inspiron Gaming for gaming laptops under $ 1000. To prevent a fellow war on their own products, Dell could stop Inspiron Gaming.

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