Golden Ax Join the SEGA Forever Platform, Can Play On Mobile Devices

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As promised by the company, SEGA continues to add its own title game to join the SEGA Forever platform, where it enables mobile device users to play SEGA’s old game. Now the old game title that joined SEGA Forever is Golden Ax which is quite popular in its time.
For those of you who are not familiar with this game, basically Golden Ax is a fighting game side-scrolling up which is quite difficult to play even though you choose the easy mode. But there is good news, where SEGA has added some gameplay features that do not exist in the original version of the game.
The most important new feature is the presence of a new duel mode that will put the player in the position of dealing with waves of enemies. Even SEGA also promises a multiplayer mode that will be presented in the near future. Unfortunately, since this game uses Unity emulator, you will most likely find some lagging, which will be patched by SEGA when they present a multiplayer mode.

By joining Golden Ax to the SEGA Forever initiative, you can now download and install the game through the Google Play Store for free. As always, the free version will include multiple ads, so for those of you who want to play ad-free it can pay $ 1.99

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