Good News For Mi Fans, Xiaomi Coming Soon Gallery Smartphone To Indonesia

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A few years ago, Xiaomi was still regarded as a brand that received less attention in the country, but after releasing several smartphones to Indonesia, the brand name immediately jumped into the ranks of the top smartphone brand. Although all this time only released Xiaomi smartphone from the ranks of Redmi targeting the middle class segment. The good news is that Xiaomi will soon launch its flagship smartphone to Indonesia.
As quoted from DetikInet, (31/08/2017), when talking with Head of Xiaomi South Pacific Region, Steven Shi, it is known that the company is planning a new flagship smartphone launch to Indonesia. In addition, Steven also revealed why the company has been presenting only Redmi series smartphone to Indonesia.
The most powerful reason, is the fact that the Indonesian market is still fond of entry-level smartphones up to mid-range, ranging from Rp1 million to Rp3 million. After getting attention from the people of Indonesia, tampakanya now they are ready to release a flagship smartphone.
“Soon we will hold a press conference announcing the flagship phone in Indonesia. The phone already meets the TKDN, “said Steven.
Unfortunately for now not yet known which flagship smartphone is meant by Xiaomi, but obviously the smartphone comes from Mi series which has a seductive specification, and certainly priced at a very competitive price.

On the other hand, Xiaomi will also launch flagship smartphone with dual-camera in New Delhi, India on September 5th. Possibly, the smartphone that will slide in India on the 5th will also slide in the Indonesian market. We look forward to the next news.

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