Google Celebrates Its 19th Anniversary

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If you open Google today, surely the doodle that will appear is the wheel. Yes, today Google is celebrating their 19th anniversary. Of course the wheel on the doodle today can be played, which there are several options that you can get.
Google Anniversary 19th
To bring up the wheel, you can type in the keyword “Google birthday surprise player” or you can click the Google doodle icon. Every time you turn the wheel, there will be some surprises and you can tap the surprise icon to unlock what the contents of the surprise are.
The contents of the surprises include light games like tic-tac-toe, Solitaire, as well as some interesting information such as a tour around the Galapagos Islands, information about the Earth Day chili or quiz. In addition to providing entertainment, the wheel also provides you with useful information.
You can play these light games using either your mobile device or your PC browser. All this is presented by Google to enliven their birthday, and invite more users to use Google applications.

At the age of 19 this year, Google still occupies the top position as an internet search engine service. The company currently claims 4.5 billion worldwide users from 160 countries and speaks in 123 languages. Google’s cool stuff is still very much, including the Android operating system which is now the world’s largest mobile OS.

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