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One of Google’s most frequently used services is Maps. This digital map continues to get new features and improvements to make users more comfortable with Google’s services. Now, the search engine giant is re-presenting an update that this time is a redesign of Maps view.


Google announces this new change through the company’s official blog, where they describe the various aspects they change on the Maps service. For example, changes can be found in the driving mode, transit navigation, and new colors that make Maps look cleaner and brighter than the previous view.


Because the purpose of Google Maps view update will make it easier for users, so later you can see more information as well as the information displayed more relevant in accordance with the required information. For example, when you are in driving mode there will be a clearer location of gas stations.


In addition to the new color scheme, Google also added a new icon to help users in identifying an information being viewed more quickly. For example, when you see locations like restaurants, museums, hospitals, or places of worship, they will have special colors and icons in Maps view, so it will make it easier for you to recognize them.


In addition, Google also mentions that this view change is not just dedicated to Maps services, as some Google-owned products that use Maps products and services will get the same changes. As for the release of the new look will arrive in the coming weeks.

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