Google Collaborates with Levi’s To Create a Smart Jacket

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Cooperation Google and Levi’s has been announced since a few months ago, precisely at the event Google I / O 2017 held. Both companies are collaborating to bring a smart jacket named Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket. Of course we can see the duties of both companies, where Levi’s in charge of making denim jackets, while Google gives a touch of technology.

Example Jacket
Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket itself is part of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (Google’s ATAP), where the project facilitates the touch-sensor cultivation of clothing. Then what things can be used by this smart jacket?
Because it has been equipped with a gesture-sensing sensor called Jacquard, this jacket can do some things like change music, pointing direction, to be able to read messages that go to the phone by rubbing the jacket or touching the tip of the arm of this smart jacket. The sensor has been embedded by Google in a way woven.
With the ability to recognize the movement, the user can manage the function of each movement through a special application. Yes, this jacket has a wireless connection that can connect with the smartphone because there is a small chip that is planted at the end of the jacket arm using a flexible snap tag.

Levi’s own explains if this smart jacket can be washed as usual, but with a snap tag should be removed first. This jacket can be connected with both Android and iOS devices. For availability, this smart jacket will go on sale on September 27 at a price of US $ 350.

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