Google Now Can Identify Songs

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Currently smartphone manufacturers not only compete with powerful devices, but they also add digital assistant support that can simplify the work because it can be done with voice commands. Currently there are many third-party applications that can identify a song and TV show, but it would be more fun if the ability is embedded in the operating system
Seeing this, it seems Google has a plan to bring these features to its Google Asisstant service. Previously, Google Search was always able to identify the song being played, but unfortunately when Google Assistant was launched, it was not part of the service for unknown reasons.
But after this latest update, the Google Assistant service is now reported to be used to identify the currently playing song. Not yet known why Google has just featured the song identifier feature for now, but it makes Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL come with the feature. Using Assistant will bring up additional details, so it’s possible Google is deliberately waiting for the Pixel 2 release before presenting this feature.

But because the Google Assistant feature itself is currently only available in English, so not all countries can use music identifiers through Google Assistant. Hopefully this service immediately visited Android users in countries outside the United States.

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