Google Pixelbook, Specs Leaks Appears

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Leaks about Google’s new device, the Pixelbook began to appear before the event that will soon be held by the company. Recently a leak on the specifications of the device came from a Synnex reseller who has revealed some information about the new device.
As reported 9 to 5 Google, this new device will come with a 12.3-inch screen and will be powered with an Intel Core i5 processor. Leaks this time also revealed the existence of three variants of Google Pixelbook. The lowest variant will carry 128GB SSD storage followed by medium variant with 256GB SSD, and the highest variant comes with 512GB SSD.
Interestingly, there are other leaks from Droidlife that reveal the price for each variant of Google Pixelbook. The cheapest variant is priced at $ 1,199, a medium model for $ 1,399, and the highest model priced at $ 1,749.
But it is not yet clear whether all the memory variants will be present with the same processor, the Intel Core i5 series. It is possible if the lowest variant will be present with previous generation chipsets. Because not yet clear, we just wait until Google held the inauguration of Google Pixelbook to be held today (4/10/2017).

In addition to revealing the specs for Pixelbook, Synnex lists also have references to something called “Google Clips”, which is categorized as a computer accessory. To find out more complete specifications, we look forward to the launching of this device.

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