Google Promises Images On Street View Services Will Be More Clear

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The integrated Steet View service with the Google Maps app is a favorite of many users because we can see the location on the map from a 360-degree point of view. That way, we seem to be at that location. But sometimes the photos presented on Street View are not very clear. There is now good news that Google has updated the camera module on Street View vehicles.
As TechCrunch reported, the camera module update on street view vehicles is capable of recording images in high resolution (HD), which can certainly display clearer images, have more accurate color, and better detail than previous camera modules.
Street View project itself has been running for eight years, to record roads around the world. But as long as the project runs, it’s the first time Google is updating the camera module on a Street View vehicle.
Not only that, the new camera module is also able to supply raw data in order to be processed into image recognition algorithm or image recognition because Google this time pinned artificial intelligence. The existence of such technology can help to facilitate in terms of ensuring or matching data and business information in the map.

For vehicles already equipped with new camera modules already launched in the United States in August 2017, and will begin shipping to other countries in order to start road recording worldwide using the latest camera modules.

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