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The app to recognize a song is nothing new, considering it’s been around a few years ago. So, it’s not a big surprise if Google also wants to develop a music recognition service into their Android operating system. Now, Google adds a music recognition feature to Google Assistant services.


As reported by Android Police, considering Google Assistant can now run in addition to Nexus and Pixel handsets, so new music recognition features in Google Assistant will be available for all compatible Android devices. But the feature will be rolled out gradually, because for some new features the device is not working properly.


How this feature works is pretty standard, where users only need to ask Google Assistant to recognize a song that is playing. This feature is similar to the Shazam or Sony TrackID app (now unavailable). When a song is recognized, Google Assistant will present data about the song like a singer to the lyrics.


But if you’re currently using a device that is compatible with Google Assistant but the feature has not worked on your device, then you can switch to third party apps like Shazam and SoundHound for a while.

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