Google Will Reveal Android’s Name O Coincides with a solar eclipse

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Currently we have entered mid-August and Google is expected to confirm the name of the next Android OS. As we know, Google always uses dessert names to name its Android OS. At the iteration of Android N, Google finally chose Nougat, and for iteration Android O is still a mystery that has not been solved.

According to the latest report (via Phone Arena), Google will choose the day of announcement the name of Android O to coincide with the day of the solar eclipse. Since the solar eclipse will occur on the 21st of Agutstus later, it seems Google will reveal the name of Android O on that date.
Of course this is a unique thing where Google chose a rare day to introduce the name Android O. In addition, the question arises whether the election day of the solar eclipse is also related to the name of the dessert? This is an interesting thing to look forward to.

According to rumors that circulated earlier, Android O will end up being Oreo, given the biscuits are already very well known by many people. In addition, the round and black Oreo shape is also very similar to the shape of a solar eclipse. How about your opinion, do you agree if Android O will be called Android O? Or maybe you have another name estimate?

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