Huawei G10 Full-Screen Smartphone Will Be Released September 22 With Four Cameras

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Previously we have reported that Huawei’s full-screen full-screen smartphone has appeared on the TENAA website, which is a regulatory body of telecommunication devices for the soon-to-be-launched devices. Speculation that emerged earlier suspect that the smartphone will become Huawei Mate 10 or Honor 10. But now the company has spread the teaser that the smartphone will become Huawei G10 (Maimang 6).
Actually the company called this smartphone with the name Maimang 6, which is the name for the Chinese market. But if we look Maimang 5 who slid last year, when sold in countries other than China to Huawei G9. So, it can be said if Maimang 6 will become Huawei G10 when released outside of China. The naming is also in line with other company-owned products for the year 2017, namely Huawei P10 and Mate 10.
While the official teaser released the company revealed the launch of Huawei G10 which will take place on 22 September. In addition, the teaser this time also revealed that Huawei G10 will come with a full-screen design featuring 18: 9 screen, and this became the first full-screen smartphone from Huawei. But on October 16 will be followed by Huawei Mate 10 which also carries a full-screen design.

Apart from the premium design, the specifications on the Huawei G10 are also somewhat interesting. This smartphone will come with a 5.9 inch screen resolution of 1080 × 2160 pixels and powered octa-core processors that have not been known to its chipset type. In addition, this smartphone will also come with 4GB of RAM + 64GB of internal storage that can still be expanded, and carry a battery of 3240mAh. Uniquely, this smartphone will come with a total of four cameras. Dual-camera at the back of resolution 16MP + 2MP, while for dual-camera selfie 13 + 2MP resolution.

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