Inspired From the Moon, Smartwatch LunaR Use Sunlight As a Resource

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Smartwatch is a fairly popular smartphone companion device lately, where many smartwatch nowadays that comes with an equivalent display panel smartphones like IPS or AMOLED. But not a few are also present with the design like a regular analog clock, and smartwatch LunaR is one of them. As the name suggests, this smartwatch is created with inspiration from the Moon.
Although the usual look like an analog clock in general, but lunar has some distinctive features that make it special. Being inspired by the Moon, the smartwatch is able to recharge its 110mAh battery by utilizing sunlight. This can be possible because LunaR has a transparent solar panel on its surface. Apart from solar lighting, the LunaR smartwatch can also charge through the indoor light as well as through the chargers available in the sales package.
As for the standalone feature, LunaR is only able to display two different times, ie with LED and of course analog. However, this smartwatch can still display statistical information of physical activity and sleep time monitoring via smartphone with special applications. Uniquely, these waterproof watches can also display the time of the Sun rises and tracks the position of the Sun.

This Smartwatch works well on Android devices version 4.3 and up and iOS 10 and up, because LunaR uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE. This elegant design watch comes with a strap of nylon material, but you can still replace it with leather or colorful knit rope. LunaR when it started its campaign period at Kickstarter for $ 138 and $ 239 when it was launched.

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