Instagram Display Four Grid, But Even Able To Many Protests From Netizen

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Instagram is a social media that is on the rise today, where with this social media you can create a photo album or video to be shared with friends or other users. By using a three-layer grid view, users typically upload photo postings by utilizing a three-grid arrangement for promotional purposes or artwork, but it appears that Facebook’s company will apply changes to Instagram views.

Apparently Instagram wants to apply a four grid view or four rows of boxes, which instantly get a lot of protests from the users. This is because many users who are used to using three grid view, not even a few users who upload photos that take advantage of three grid. If the four grid display is applied, of course the arrangement of photos that utilize the three grid display will be irregular.
As reported DetikInet, Saturday (16/09/2017), some users who feel aggrieved by changing the layout or display Instagram send protests in social media Twitter. Of course most of the protests with the changing appearance Instagram is those who previously utilize three grid framework.

But it seems Instagram is currently still testing the new look, where some users will get an update that brings the new look. So, for now not all users get updates that bring changes to the appearance of four grids. What do you think, do you agree with this four-grid view?

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