Instagram Users Can Now Upload Album In Portrait and Landscape Mode

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Earlier this year, Instagram users got new features allowing them to upload an album or multiple photos and videos in a single post. Actually the feature has been present since two years earlier, but only limited to the advertisers only. Instagram now updates an album feature where users can now upload photos and videos in a format they like.
Previously, users could only upload albums containing multiple photos in a rectangular image format or 1 x 1. Of course they are not in line with users who want to upload album photos in full ratio. Finally, Instagram now allows users to upload albums in full ratio, either potrait or landscape in a single post.
But to decide on the format, users must first choose what format they want to use. Note that the selected format will be applied to all uploaded photos in a single album, so users can not mix between portrait or landscape formats in a single album.

Although this is a relatively small feature update, but the presence of this feature is considered important, given the many users who complained that the picture cut into square format when uploading the album. Instagram still limits the number of photos that can be uploaded in one album, which is a maximum of 10. For those of you who want to try to update the feature can update the Instagram application to the latest version.

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