Intel and Amd Cooperate

Intel and AMD Cooperation Will Make Gaming Chipset

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Intel and AMD are tech giants that have been around for decades. If you hear both names, of course that is in our minds is a rivalry that lasts for tens of years. Although the two hardware companies are still competing, but it does not prevent both companies to cooperate. The first time since 1980, eventually the two companies are working together in making new chips.

Intel and Amd Cooperate

As Ubergizmo reported, the cooperation between Intel and AMD is aimed to compete with NVIDIA. This new Intel Core processor combines high-performance CPU from Intel with special graphics from AMD. The new chipset is intended for portable devices, such as thin laptops that are currently in demand by the market. So, in the future thin devices will be able to win heavy duty, including games with high graphics.


The new chipset from the two companies will enter into the ranks of Intel Core 8th generation. But its presence will not interfere with AMD’s latest Ryzen chip, which is also devoted to thin-sized laptops. This is because the new chipsets made by Intel and AMD will focus on the market segment of gamers. Although Ryzen chips can still be used to handle games, but the chip is not designed for it.


In addition, Intel also pointed out that this chip is the first consumer product to have EMIB. It is described as a small intelligent bridge “that allows the heterogeneous silicon to quickly convey information in close proximity.” That way, the device will have faster performance without having to increase the size of the processor. As for the readiness of goods is expected to be launched in the coming months.

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