Intel Coffee Lake Processor Price Revealed Upon Launch

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For Intel fans out there who are waiting for anticipation for Intel Coffee Lake to arrive, some of the latest information has been leaked at the moment. The 8th generation Intel Core processor, or better known as Intel Coffee Lake, is rumored to be available from early October. From the previous rumor estimates that mention will be available in early August or in the third quarter (Q3), but at least the leak can be a little dampening curiosity of his loyal fans who have been very impatient waiting for his presence.
October is included from the beginning of the fourth quarter (Q4). So the launch date of October 5 for the latest MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming motherboard model that has entered the fourth quarter (Q4) this year will certainly make sense. The Intel Coffee Lake processor itself is expected to reach several stores at least in Finland, and most likely around the world. But considering Intel Coffee Lake is built using a 14nm process and using the LGA1151 socket, it means that fans will be getting ready to be disappointed because they will not be able to reuse their current Skylake / Kaby Lake motherboards and have to buy a new motherboard that has support for those features . In addition to MSI, a number of motherboard models based on Coffee Lake made by Gigabyte has also leaked some time ago.
Meanwhile, the leak-related prices of Intel Coffee Lake processors reportedly also been circulating in Finland are summarized as follows:
Core i3-8350K will sell for € 199 ($ ​​199 excluding VAT)
Core i5-8600K will sell for € 299 ($ ​​299 excluding VAT)
Core i7-8700K will sell for € 419 ($ 420 excluding VAT)
For Core i3-8350K is a quad-core processor, while Core i5 and i7 Coffee Lake are both 6-core chips with i7 that support Hyperthreading better because it has a stretch up to 12-thread.

With these prices may be fairly accurate for Finland (only time will tell for sure), but not in other countries. Intel does not market its CPUs with the same direct conversion price in all markets and price tags vary by location. The above direct conversion pricing may differ at launch in the United States and other countries.

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