Intel Will Return Present Upnew Processor 10nm + Ice Lake Upcoming

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Not to mention the 14nm Coffee Lake processor was presented, but Intel seems to have exposed another 10nm Ice Lake upstream processor to its official website which is said to be staying digadang as one of the successor to the 8th generation Intel Core processor.

Although not explicitly details the existence of the processor, but Intel has confirmed that the new processor that displays the 10nm + process is claimed as the successor to the family of Intel Core generation generation to 8. The most important thing in this case, Intel reportedly also has confirmed that the processor is a “substitute” For an eighth generation product, and not a “successor”.
The eighth generation chip, better known as Coffee Lake, will soon be released and marketed. The presence of Coffee Lake itself is thought to be seen as a response to the presence of AMD Ryzen processors who desire to bounce back to offer more core for the Desktop market.

Intel will announce the new 8th generation Coffee Lake processor, built on the 14nm ++ process, on 21 August to coincide with the total solar eclipse. The eighth generation product is arguably the latest indication of Intel’s gait into an extended ‘optimization’ period with each process node, with the implementation of three iterations of the process that extend Moore’s Law (such as 14nm, 14nm + and 14nm ++ generation).
Ice Lake itself will feature a 10nm + processor, while the Cannon Lake processor will feature the first iteration of the 10nm process. Thus the next two new Intel processors are also referred to as equally “successor” eighth generation processor
The same strategy will continue into Intel’s 10nm process as well, but Intel has also announced earlier this year during its manufacturing day that the new processor can feature multiple components with various process nodes. This tactic utilizes economies of scale and other benefits of existing processes to build multiple components, such as uncore, with older and more established nodes. That way the Ice Lake processor will have 10nm + technology, as well as other component features made with various lithography.
Meanwhile, Intel has also reportedly been touting its new Data Center First strategy during its manufacturing day. Intel looks slowly but will certainly shift from traditional practices to start new processes and architectures with mainstream processors, rather than choosing to bring new designs to the ranks of the data center first.

Reflecting on both of these things, Ice Lake probably will go to the data center first, and then followed to the desktop. Yes at least that can explain the existence of the two successors to the eighth processor.

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