IPhone 3D Camera Module 8

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September is coming soon, and the most anticipated thing of the month is the arrival of the latest generation of iPhone. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 8 next month, where we can expect new things present on the 10th generation smartphone.
Apple iPhone 8 is expected to come with cool features, such as OLED display panels, wireless charging, even augmented reality features and security features in the form of facial recognition are also rumored to be present on smartphones that will come with this new design.
The presence of features augmented reality and face recognition has been heard for a long time, but for the 3D camera feature has not many leaks that reveal this feature. Now has appeared leaked photos that allegedly show the 3D camera module belongs to the iPhone 8. However, the leak that comes from Slashleaks this has not been ascertained the truth.

But as we said, previous rumors suggest that 3D cameras can be used for some features that will be carried iPhone 8, so if this rumor is true, then this particular component makes sense if carried iPhone 8. Because this is still a leak that is not accompanied by a description , Then we just look forward to more information about the 3D camera features of the iPhone 8 on the previous leak.
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