Iphone X Features, With Luxurious Diamond

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In September, Apple has launched the iPhone X which is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone’s special edition, along with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus duo. For availability of iPhone X itself will be sold on November 3, where the selling price starts from $ 999.
Iphone X with Luxurious Diamond
Price iPhone X is fairly expensive, considering the smartphone is a flagship smartphone equipped with advanced technology. But if the price of Rp13 millions for you is not so big, maybe you can consider one of the units adapted by a Finnish company, Legend.
The company sells a customized 256GB iPhone X variant unit, which the company adds a gold rim to add extra luxurious impression as well as a sprinkling of diamonds that make it really look as a super-luxury smartphone.
Iphone X with Luxurious Diamond
For the cheapest custom model is the Aurum is priced at 2950 Euro. The model features a 24-carat back panel of 24-carat gold and nacre logo, and an 18-carat solid gold rim. For Fusion Edition has inlay of carbon fiber behind the frame which is added engraved from solid silver patterned. You can also replace the middle with exotic or wood leather.
If the model does not impress you yet, it seems that the Momentum model will amaze you. Because the iPhone X this model has a true red diamond 0.4 carats in the middle of the back cover of this smartphone. In fact there are still a number of luxurious materials placed around it.
Iphone X with Luxurious Diamond
For the highest model, there is a Lu edition where in this model the Apple logo and the bezel is stitched with 10.70 carats of diamond VVS1 grade. For the price, Legend says if this one model price will be in accordance with the demand.

All the legendary iPhone X is a 256GB memory variant, where the smartphone will come with a luxury sales box that includes earpods with 24 carat gold, leather pouch and certificate of authenticity.

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