LAPTOP MSI GS73VR 7RF, Great Potential to Continue to Develop

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Mobility or performance, what if present both? Maybe that’s what’s in the heads of designers and MSI laptop technicians. Less satisfied can bring both, they finally cram a large 4K screen and be a laptop called MSI GS73VR 7RF. Laptop gaming in is quite thin and quite powerful. Not only that, the size of the screen also includes a large and has a very high resolution.
As I mentioned earlier, there are at least three advantages on this laptop. First is the form that is quite thin compared to other gaming laptops. Yes, GS73VR 7RF has a thickness of only 19.6mm. For a gaming laptop, the size is indeed very thin. It also makes the gaming laptop is compact and easier to carry traveling.
Laptop MSI GS73VR 7RF
Although thin, MSI can still bring a number of facilities into this gaming laptop. GS73VR 7RF comes with four USB 3.0 ports, one ethernet port, one HDMI port, one Thunderbolt 3 port, and one MiniDisplay Port. It even still has SD Card readers.
Another interesting thing in this gaming laptop is the keyboard. Designed with the manufacturer of SteelSeries gaming devices, GS73VR 7RF keyboard is very comfortable to use for playing games. One thing I like is the keyboard has a very comfortable traveling distance for playing games.
However, this keyboard is also a factor in its shortcomings. The keyboard on the GS73VR 7RF is less comfortable to use for work or other productive activities. In addition to having the position of the “Delete” button is a little far from usual, this laptop keyboard also has a “Windows” located on the right spacebar.
I do understand MSI good intentions that do not want users disturbed by the existence of the Windows button when playing games. On the other hand, I am used to using various shortcuts that make use of the key when working so that for me this is very disturbing productivity.
Laptop MSI GS73VR 7RF
Another advantage on this laptop is located on the screen which size is quite large, which is 17.3 inches. You will be very satisfied to see movies and other multimedia content when run on this gaming laptop. Moreover, his film 4K UHD resolution that can be displayed maximally on the screen GS73VR 7RF.
But again, the use of this screen is also a weakness in this gaming laptop. In addition to a bit difficult to put in a regular bag, 4K resolution screen on this laptop was less friendly for some games.
From the games we tested, two of them are Ashes of The Singularity and Ghost Recon: Wildlands often crash. Even if you walk, the game will be filled with artifacts. I’ve tried everything from updating drivers and other support systems.
Laptop MSI GS73VR 7RF
MSI GS73VR 7RF is powered by Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics chip with 6GB VRAM. It also comes with 16GB of DDR4 RAM and has storage using M.2 SSD of 256GB and 1TB HDD.
Glancing from the specs, he should be able to run the game very smoothly in the maximum graphics settings. And yes, it is proven when I play The Witcher 3 on this laptop. The game runs successfully with an average of 52fps framerate. However, the game I run in 1080p resolution or Full HD.
Laptop MSI GS73VR 7RF
At 4K resolution, running games with maximum graphics settings is not the right solution for this laptop. GTX 1060 is not designed to play the game in the resolution with the maximum graphics settings, so I did deliberately play the game only in Full HD resolution because the presentation of the game experience is still better.
Performance Laptop MSI GS73VR 7RF
In the range of $3000, MSI GS73VR 7RF does look tempting when seen first. Shown with a thin body and compact, he is one of the gaming laptop that can be relied upon for those who like to travel. Unfortunately, there are some things that make its value go down (at least from my point of view as a tester).

One thing the next shortcoming is some games that are easy to crash. Hopefully MSI can improve this technical problem so that GS73VR 7RF can appear as a more reliable laptop. Because to be honest, I see a lot of great potential from this laptop.

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