Laptop Pi-TOP Raspberry Pi Modular With New Design and 1080p Display Panel

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Recently a special startup in charge of Pi-Top education is rumored to have unveiled a renewed version of its flagship Laptop Pi-based Raspberry laptop, aimed at helping students learn about coding, and giving them new experiences by combining electronic components simultaneously.
Laptop Pi-TOP Raspberry
Perhaps it’s the most interesting aspect of its sliding laptop keyboard, which gives users direct access to the device’s internal components. In addition, it also allows access to modular rail system for special-made discovery projects.
Playing while learning, that’s the concept he wants to present. Thanks to the Inventor Kit that comes with the required electrical components, the user is expected to be able to complete the existing DIY projects. The game model that supports the project, including the Master of Music, Smart Robot (Smart Robot) and Space Race (Space Race).
Laptop Pi-TOP Raspberry
You will find Raspberry Pi 3 which includes a custom cooling bridge. This small single-board system gives you access to a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, four USB ports, Ethernet, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, and an HDMI port. In addition to relying on support 1080p screen sized 14-inch panel, the laptop has also been equipped with 8GB Class 8GB SD card storage and battery usage that is claimed to have a lifetime of operating between 8-10 hours per charge.
Not only that, Pi-TopOS Polaris-based laptops have also been equipped with some powerful programming applications (coding) that is intended specifically to empower the novice technology master. The software package in question includes a compatible web browser, email client, and Microsoft Office productivity suite.
Laptop Pi-TOP Raspberry
According to CEO Pi-Top Jesse Lozano, providing great and inspiring products to bring science, technology, engineering, art and math to real life is a mission Pi-Top is taking. Any user, from young musicians to scientists, from software developers to inventors can explore and create beautiful new projects by simply empowering Pi-Top laptops. It even offers real-life practice lessons, allowing the wider exploration of computer science and electronics, while ensuring that young students also have the same opportunities to be inspired by the STEAM-based learning world.

Pi-Top laptops (without the support of Pi Raspberry 3) are currently marketed for $ 284.99. As for you who prefer a system with full support, the price offered can reach up to $ 319.

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