Leaked Photos iPhone 7s Plus Has Appeared, Show Cover Of Glass Materials

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September became the month of the gadget enthusiast, where a number of world’s major companies launched their newest product, one of them is Apple. Of course you are familiar with the next smartphone from Apple which will be launched next month, the iPhone 8. Leaked on the device has been decorating the virtual universe for several months, but there are other devices that seem rarely highlighted, the iPhone 7s Plus.
Yes, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus is expected to slide along with the iPhone 8 in September. By the way about the iPhone 7s Plus, recently has appeared leaked photos that allegedly show the form of iPhone 7s Plus.
Leaked iPhone 7 Plus this displays the form of the handset from several sides. Unfortunately we are not treated to the appearance of the front side. We can see if the design iPhone 7s Plus still looks similar to its predecessor, but the device uses a rear cover of glass material, not metal material that carried several generations of previous iPhone.
The use of the back cover of the glass material is also in line with previous leaks, and the use of glass materials on the iPhone 7s Plus is also intended to support the wireless charging feature that reportedly will be carried by duo iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. The use of this glass material also eliminates the characteristics of the iPhone, ie the loss of antenna lines because the signal can penetrate glass materials easily. Nevertheless, this leaked photo has not been confirmed. Hopefully there will be some more clear leakage of iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus in the coming weeks, ahead of its launch.

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