Leica Launches Instant Sofort Camera, Can Print Images Instantly

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Instant cameras do sound like outdated technology products. But now, the camera manufacturers are beginning to look back at the technology that is considered outdated. Included among them is Leica who recently launched a new instant camera called Sofort.

Instant Sofort camera allows the owner to directly print photos. This camera uses Fuji’s Instax paper format. In addition, it can also use Leica’s film paper, which is available in black and white or color design.
Leica Sofort has a distinctive appearance of Leica products. Available in three colors: orange, mint, and white. In terms of ability, this product also provides the Leica name warranty in it. Leica pinned a Hector lens that offers 34mm equivalent lens quality.
The instant camera also comes with a three-step focus. Starting from Macro mode to snap objects 0.3 – 0.6 meters apart, Close for objects spaced 0.6 to 3 meters, and Far Range for objects spaced more than 3 meters. In addition, this camera is also accompanied by a modern touch of shooting mode Automatic, People and Party, Action and Sport, Bulb, Macro, Self Timer, or Double Exposure and Selfie.
The size of this camera is also quite small with dimensions of 124 x 94 x 58 mm and weighs only 303 grams. At the rear, there are control panel columns as well as LCD dated design. The battery of this camera is claimed to survive up to 100 times. There is also a built-in flash option.

Regarding the price, marketed in November at a price of 300 USD. Do not forget also to prepare the required film paper. Black-and-white film paper is pegged for 17 USD, while for color paper for 14 USD, each can be used for 10 photos.

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