Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Will Come On The Upcoming October Market

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Windows Mixed Reality headset made by Lenovo introduced earlier this year, now officially bears the title Lenovo Explorer. Embedded on existing Windows 10-based PCs, allowing users to more freely immerse themselves in gaming and virtual reality applications.
Rely on two high-resolution screens (1440 × 1440 pixels), one for each eye, and one for supporting Cortana sound control. The headset will work in one of the two modes provided. The “Mainstream” option operates at 60Hz and requires at least support for Kaby Lake Core i5 processor and integrated Intel HD 620 graphics. While the “Performance” mode shake refresh rate up to 90Hz, but requires graphics performance presented by discrete GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M or AMD RX 460M.
Lenovo Explorer is compatible with Windows Mixed Reality games available from the Windows Store alongside more than 100 VR games accessible from Lenovo Entertainment Hub. In addition, you can also access apps like Microsoft Office in virtual reality and surf VR compatible websites to “improve your video viewing experience”.
For its own operation, the headset does not require any external sensors, but you can add an optional motion controller if you so wish. Microsoft’s Xbox One wireless controller is also supported.

While the matter of price and its own existence, Lenovo Explorer reportedly will soon reach the market in October with the official price of $ 349 (± 4.6 million dollars). If you want to add motion controllers, the bundle price can be $ 449 (± 5.9 million rupiah), which in fact is much more expensive than the Oculus Rift + Touch bundle which is reportedly marketed for $ 399.

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