Lenovo ThinkPad Retro Laptops Ready to Release The Fans

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There is exciting news for retro laptop enthusiasts, the article will soon be coming soon one of the latest laptop retro throwback model made by Lenovo that adapt some cool features in it.
Claimed to welcome the retro ThinkPad anniversary, the actual laptop model image (not rendering) has just circulated in China. Although only showing the typical angles and logos that diusungnya, but did not dampen many fans find out the whereabouts of the details. While the word “ThinkPad 25” which appeared in China, reportedly also found in one of the German certification.
Then what causes ThinkPad retro it a lot? Back when IBM still had the ThinkPad brand, this laptop model had quite a lot of fans and for the time being some popular features continued with the name Lenovo installed. But since 2012, Lenovo reportedly has changed everything and just get rid of 7-line QWERTY keyboard desired by many fans even though no complaints mean that time.
According to Lenovo’s design chief David Hill, basically it will not comment on any products that were not announced during the press release details of the 25th anniversary of the retro notebook in June. In addition to mentioning a bit about the model, he also confirmed that the existence of this model will be aimed at fans and superfans the brand. A rubber exterior layer and a “keyboard to die for” are also mentioned, including at a price that will cost $ 5,000.
Not only that, David Hill reportedly also teased retro fans by saying “Imagine the blue incoming keys, classic 7-line keyboard, 16:10 aspect ratio screen, multi-colored ThinkPad logo, special volume control, rubber paint, visible screws, lots of LEDs status, and more. It’s certainly like stepping into the time machine and seemed to live in 1992 ago, but using technology today. “

So far the official launch date has unfortunately not been announced. And if only the notebook has got its German certification now and circulating in the Chinese market, it may be that the laptop model is very close to its launch time.

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