Lenovo Yoga 910, Luxury and Very Functional

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Design becomes one of the important factors that consumers pay attention to in making purchasing decisions, not to mention notebooks. The high mobility and consumer activity make the manufacturers compete to present the device with a short design.
Lenovo Yoga 910
The design summary is presented by a number of producers through thin dimensions, becoming one of the mainstays offered by manufacturers for high-mob consumers. However, now not only thin, manufacturers also bring the device with multi-mode, one of them as offered by Lenovo through Yoga 910.
Similar to other Yoga lines, Lenovo equips Yoga 910 with capabilities utilized in a number of modes, such as tablets, tent, displays and notebooks. Compact design, this notebook can still bring comfort thanks to its large dimensions, but weighs quite light.
Lenovo Yoga 910 brings the dimensions of the screen is quite large, which is 13.9 inches, thus offering comfort while enjoying multimedia content or just doing general computing activity on the screen of this device.
Large dimension, Lenovo Yoga 910 comes with an elegant look thanks to the shiny gold color in the body of the device. This adds to the fun of using the device because we do not have to worry about fingerprint stains attached and reduce the beauty and cleanliness of the device display.
Lenovo Yoga 910
Ability to use in a number of diusungnya modes made possible thanks to the provision of a unique hinge that connects between the base and the screen portion of the device. Not only functional, hinges that appear to resemble the straps of luxury watches is also one of the attractions related to the design of this device.
Offering convenience thanks to the slim design of 1.43cm and 1.38kg lighter weight, you still have to provide a special room in the bag, while carrying this device in transit, due to its large dimensions.
Meanwhile, another uniqueness is also found on the screen of the device, because Lenovo pinned the integrated camera on the bottom of the screen Yoga 910. This is different from the notebook in general, which pinned the camera on the top of the screen.
Lenovo Yoga 910
Embedding the camera at the bottom of the screen helped cause the bottom bezel of the screen is thicker when compared with the top and the sides are quite thin. Bezel under the thickness of the presence of this camera also still presents comfort when used, because it does not interfere with the view when staring at the screen.
In addition to the basic parts of Yoga 910, Lenovo only membekalinya with keyboard, touchpad and fingerprint scanner sensor, and move all the buttons and other ports on the bottom of the device. Nevertheless, the stock button and port part of the device is considered minimal.
On the right side, you’ll find a USB 3.0 port, 3.5mm audio jack, as well as a power button. On the left side there are two USB Type-C ports, one serves as a port for the charger, while the other serves as a USB storage device. You also will not find the battery indicator light on this device, because the light next to the charger port only serves as an indicator of electricity flowing in the device.
Supported by a 2.7GHz Inte Core i7-7500U processor, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal memory, the Lenovo Yoga 910 offers seamless performance or lag, as we use to browse multiple sites in the browser at the same time or when opening apps and menus.
Performance Lenovo Yoga 910 3DMark

Performance Lenovo Yoga 910 PCMark
Good performance is also displayed Lenovo Yoga 910 on the acquisition of benchmark test results 3DMark and PCMark 8. In testing 3DMark Cloud Gate benchmark, Lenovo Yoga 910 score of 5930, while at PCMark 8 Creative Conventional of 2846.
Convenience of use is also presented by the screen performance of Lenovo Yoga 910 is supported by touch screen technology and Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. The technology brings the ease of accessing everything on the screen with touch, as well as the pleasure of enjoying the content thanks to the bright, richly colored look, and fine details.
Lenovo Yoga 910
The presence of Tent and Display mode also adds to the fun while enjoying multimedia content on this device, because you can place it in a location that supports the convenience of enjoying the content.
While it is different from other thin notebooks, Lenovo presented a keyboard on Yoga 910 is still able to bring comfort when used for typing. This is supported by the distance between the keys and the size of the buttons that are fit to reach.
The feedback is presented keyboard Lenovo Yoga 910 is also quite soft, thus reducing fatigue when pressing the button. In addition, Lenovo Yoga 910 does not equip the ranks of numeric buttons on the keyboard, so the keyboard layout also supports comfort when used typing.
The rest of this notebook palm is also quite large, but several times our palms touch the touchpad by mistake, thus moving the cursor to an unwanted place. On the touchpad, Lenovo wrap it with fine material and a little slick.
Smooth and sleek material is also bring kemudahahan in navigate the touchpad, and support the precision when used. Right and left click buttons on the touchpad also presents an easy impression to avoid fatigue on the finger when pressed.
For battery affairs, this laptop can last almost 4 hours 57 minutes, when tested using PCMark 8 Convetional Battery benchmark application. Meanwhile, in everyday use, this laptop can last for almost 6 to 7 hours.
Not many innate features that presented Lenovo on this Yoga 910, but you can already enjoy the operating system Windows 10 Home Edition on this notebook. In addition, you can also find a support application provided by Lenovo named Lenovo Companion.
Feature Lenovo Yoga 910
In the app, Lenovo makes it easy for you to know the best way to learn and optimize the Lenovo products you use. Includes easy access to check for updates available for the device.
This software is also equipped with the System Health menu, allowing it to analyze and ensure the device is in tip-top condition. In addition, Lenovo Companion also presents a number of information related to how to optimize the device through a section called What’s New.
In the Optimize menu, you can run checks on the device, such as cleaning the PC, accelerating the system, and performing critical updates, just by pressing a button. After checking, you can also select the items you want to optimize in this menu.

Not only memorable relief thanks to its large dimensions, Lenovo Yoga 910 also offers an elegant impression also thanks to the unique design hinges. Stock notebook battery is also quite old to allow it to be taken along the way. Only, the absence of battery indicator lights make it difficult to know the capacity when charging the battery.

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