LG Display Showcases Flexible OLED Lamps Claimed to Survive Up to 13 Years

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LG Display is a subsidiary of LG which is tasked to develop display panels, where their latest display technology is OLED. This type of panel is often carried by high-end smart TV, as well as used for some smartphones including the latest smartphone LG V30. But not limited to use for the screen only, because OLED can now be used for lighting as well.
LG Display Showcases OLED Lamps
Recently South Korean technology giant was present in Design Junction event held in London, where the event gives space for the design of new cool lamps. Actually LG has been showing off OLED-based lights since 2014, and its development to date has increased rapidly. Now the company is exhibiting the latest OLED lamps that are thin, flexible, and durable
LG Display Showcases OLED Lamps
The function of this new light is like taking a pixel from your OLED screen, and then zooming in until it’s many times bright. In addition to offering a flexible design, the new lights also offer soft, light light. This new lamp is produced using a fifth generation production process, while the previous generation used a second generation production process.
LG Display Showcases OLED Lamps
This new OLED lamp comes with three ultra-slim designs with a plastic body and will be available in three different light panel styles. LG claims the oblong version will work between 30,000 and 40,000 hours before the light deteriorates to the point where it can not be used again. If the lamp is used for at least 10 hours a day, then the lamp can be used up to 13 years. Even the color temperature of the lamp can also be adjusted. LG will start mass production of this lamp at the beginning of next year.

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